Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Episode 4 Launch - Free Online Games

Greetings, ACE pilots!  Free Online Games
After a long wait in the hangar, ACE Online Episode 4 is finally ready for liftoff! This all-new update for ACE Online Game adds astounding new features to the game, to make the ultimate online sci-fi MMO combat experience even better!
All new maps to explore, weapons and armor to fight your enemies with, contours to demonstrate your supreme skill, new characters to play as, and new challenges await you in the skies!
Whether you're new to ACE Online Game, or a long-time player, ACE Online Game Episode 4 takes ACE to a whole new level!

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  1. Unlike other FPS where you play only as a soldier, or just with guns, the game works on various classes. Each has their own weapons, CONS and PROS. There are 9 classes to choose from and playing them every time results a different "ending" to the match. But the most interesting classes are the Medic and the Spy. The Medic doesn't have any effective weapons, but he can heal teammates. After a while a "Ubercharge" will be active and it can make whoever you heal invincible for 10 seconds. The spy has low health and not-so-strong weapons, but he can become invisible for a short period of time, disguise as one of the enemy's players and backstab them, which results an instant death.